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McLaren P1 tm GTR Programme - McLaren Houston

The McLaren P1™ GTR is the most powerful car we’ve ever built, producing 1000PS (986bhp). Together with motorsport-derived weight savings, slick tyres, a fixed ride height and Formula 1™-derived DRS from the large, fixed rear wing and an ERS-style push-to-pass system, the McLaren P1™ GTR will offer the ultimate track experience. Fittingly, it revives the iconic GTR badge of the McLaren F1 GTR that claimed a record-breaking victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1995.

But the McLaren P1™ GTR is much more than that – it sits at the heart of a unique programme that’s as much about the driver as it is about the car, one that gives those fortunate enough to be part of it a comprehensive package to help them maximise their own potential. 

The McLaren P1™ GTR is both more powerful and lighter than the road car, and has been designed exclusively to perform on the track. As such, a tailored package offered by MSO Programmes allows owners to experience the GTR on selected Formula 1™ circuits, with McLaren taking care of all logistics and preparation. Owners are also invited to participate in a unique training programme, one that helps them to fully exploit the abilities of this astonishing car. 

World Class One-To-One Tuition

We want owners to get the very best out of the McLaren P1™ GTR, which is why MSO Programmes offers owners tailored tuition to help develop both their skills and their physical conditioning. Preparation is delivered by our own experts, including those who worked to develop and engineer the car, and physical trainers who have worked with the McLaren Formula 1™ team.

Formula 1™ Simulator Training

McLaren’s Formula 1™ simulator is an ultra-realistic digital tool which is used both to help train drivers and to explore engineering solutions. Members of the McLaren P1™ GTR Programme have the chance to experience it first-hand, to help them develop their skills and to gain knowledge of the Formula 1™ circuits included in the programme.

Bespoke Fitness Programme

The intense physical requirements of operating a car like the McLaren P1™ GTR at the limit mean that fitness training is a vital part of the programme. This will help to boost the driver’s physiological conditioning and also work to boost reaction time and control abilities. Each owner can benefit from a tailored programme and a dedicated trainer.

Dedicated Track Preparation

The McLaren P1™ GTR programme offers owners the chance to drive the car on carefully selected Formula 1™ circuits, with MSO handling all of the logistical requirements of transporting and preparing the car for each event. This allows the owners to concentrate on preparing themselves for this exclusive experience – and, of course, the drive itself.

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